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Musk, char, and flame. Feel the heat of the Patagonian grill: a completely new culinary experience.

Head chef, German Lucarelli has had a passion for smoky, hearty, and authentic Patagonian barbecue his entire life. Now, our fearless leader, brings to Kennebunkport a heavy dose of Argentinian steakhouse cuisine.


German Lucarelli, celebrated chef and restaurateur in Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Beirut, Istanbul, Miami, New York, and now Maine, is bringing years of worldly experience for all of Kennebunk and guests to enjoy.

Originally from Argentina, German began helping his grandmother Maria Elena in the kitchen at eight and by 17 he packed his bags and moved to Mendoza where he got his first job as a dishwasher – soon becoming a line chef.

Whatever he cooks, Lucarelli’s love of cooking, and personal passion and commitment to using only the best, highest quality ingredients is reflected in his philosophy of consistency, authenticity and harmony.

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Do yourselves a favor and make a trip here. You will not regret it. From beginning to end the experience was fantastic.Sandra Pelaez
The atmosphere was cozy and inviting. The open kitchen is amazing and the food was fantasticRosane Godbout Hirschy
Loved the atmosphere! Our Filet Mignon was cooked perfectly!Connie Williams-Miner
Asados are an art form and the meats are cooked slowly.. the end result is a cuts like butter, melts in your mouth piece of heavenSandra Pelaez
Outstanding start to finish!Stuart Barwise